Village Tales Publishing has been empowering aspiring authors to publish their works for more than 20 years. We help bring your book into the hands and onto the screens of readers by offering all of your publishing and marketing needs.

We transform your manuscript into a customized book that can be enjoyed and shared across a multitude of platforms.

Need A Book Published?

We can guide you through the entire publishing process.

A Guide to Customary Marriage
New Release: 09/20/2021

The majority of our manuscripts are unsolicited submissions coming from unpublished authors. But as activity increases, the need for works may surpass our established circle of writers. As unsolicited manuscripts are received, our editors sift through the unsolicited manuscripts to identify manuscripts of sufficient quality or revenue potential. Once a work is accepted, traditional publishing platform may be considered and a contract to purchase the intellectual property rights and an agreement on rates will be negotiated.

When you publish with Village Tales Publishing, you are a part of our family.

SAPO Children's Book
SAPO Children's Book
Village Tales Publishing
Village Tales Publishing

Traditional and Self-Publishing Services for all genres and formats.

As we are a boutique-style publishing house ideally placed for satisfying the needs of unpublished and published authors by utilizing the latest technology in the production of publication as an alternative to the larger publishing house. We seek to discover and publish new visionary authors in Africa, though we know that there are many writers out there, who want to get their work published.

We welcome all authors!

From Manuscript To Print Become A Published Author

Book Design

Whether you're a seasoned author or are about to publish your very first book, we'll create the WOW factor needed to set your book apart from the rest.

Interior Formatting

Affordable Book Formatting Fiction & Non-Fiction, Children's, Cookbook. Give your readers a beautiful book to read.

Mock-Up Graphics & Printed Marketing Materials

Custom Marketing Materials that feature your brand logo and company/organization colors on printed promotional material such as announcements, flyers, postcards, custom pens, magnets, business cards and notecards.

Custom Illustrations

Translate your ideas into exceptional quality illustrations, using your story and your reference photos.

E-Book Conversion

We'll transform your manuscript into a professional-looking eBook, compatible with any eReader device (Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, more) and include a final formatting proof for your review. We can convert your older book (printed) to E-Book.


Softcover & Hardcover book printing using the highest quality at an affordable price.

Editing & Proofreading

Make sure your writing is the best it can be with our expert English proofreading and editing team. We check for all grammatical, punctuation, spelling, typographical and all other English language errors, enhance clarity, style, paragraph, syntax and sentence structure for a refined written content, and making sure of an appropriate tone, layout, font, number style, eliminate redundancy and ambiguity.

Author Website

If you don’t have a website, you probably know that you need one. Just having a Facebook page isn’t enough. With your own website/blog you can have a home that displays your work.

ISBN & Barcode

The ISBN is the global standard for identifying titles. Having a barcode on your book will facilitate automated sales and inventory tracking. Make your printed book interactive with a QRPlus code.

Great Content Creatives

How much do you value writing? Great content is a necessity. Our content creation pertains to digital content, entertaining or educational material to be expressed through any medium or channel. For business, we craft newsletters, emails, digital marketing materials, brochures, social media, articles, annual reports, advertorial, editorial, and company communications, and more.

LinkedIn Profiles

We can revamp your profile or write a professional summary to showcase your experience and grow your network with a fully-optimized LinkedIn profile.

Publishing Services

Do you want to distribute your previously published book as an eBook and don’t have a digital file of the content? We’ve talked to a lot of authors who want to publish an e-book or paperback, but only have a printed copy of their book. We can transfer any paperback to a clear, searchable pdf or Word editable document.

  • Create Newsletter – Corporate, Small Business, Family & Personal
  • Create Business Logo
  • Create Product Mock-ups
  • Create Business Forms
  • Create Proposals, Business & Personal Letters
  • Typesetting – Brochures, Flyers, Postcards, Author Trading cards, Posters, Direct mail pieces, and Point-of-sale signage & Other Promotional Materials
  • Typesetting – Manuscripts (ready for print)
  • Typesetting – Restaurant Menu

What do you want written or re-written?
What is your deadline?
How long is the piece?
How much do you value the writing?

  • Get your manuscript publish-ready
  • Family History
  • Church History
  • Personal Memoir
  • Autobiography
  • Manuscript

The Goal is to create a book which is to show your book’s purpose. Your book will have 10-15 chapters, the normal front matter, including table of contents, and that the manuscript will be about between 30,000-60,000 words long. You, the author, will own the Work—All materials, including but not limited to Words files, tapes, and completed manuscript, the completed book and/or other product resulting from this effort—including any copyrights and sale or distribution rights.

Your ghostwriter will never be entitled to any royalties, residuals, or commissions upon the sale of the work.

We have Marketing Solutions to help you build the buzz you need for your book, including Author Branding.

Promotional Materials we customize according to your personal specifications:

  • Bookmarks
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Product Mock-up Graphics – ONLY $5 Each
  • Sell Sheets — This one-page color document contains all the industry information about a specific book, including the ISBN, distribution, publication date, retail price and an image of the cover art. It clearly indicates how bookstores can order the book and often lists endorsements or excerpts as well.

Tell your story with a professional-quality photo album published in a hardcover book.

The perfect personalized-book to show your:

Vacation * Wedding * Family * Cookbook * Portfolios * Anniversary Memories * Organization Yearbook * Church History

Children's Book

Ready to boost your brand?

Good, consistently branding delivers a solid foundation for distinguishing your book in the very competitive marketplace. We can help.

Some Featured Authors

A Guide to Customary Marriage (Non-fiction)
Davidson Sumo
Bottom Up (Autobiography)
Mac Nelson
A Naked Lie & Other Stories (Short Stories)
Nemen M. Kpahn
Better Together (Children's Book)
L.M. Logan
He Has Included Us (Inspirational)
Tuakah Whiangar
Marriage for Convenience (Folklore)
Jeremiah Wilson
The Falcon (Satire)
Shedrick Seton
Under Ducor Skies (Poetry)
Patrice Juah
Liberia Unscrabbled (Game book)
Ophelia S. Lewis

Author Branding

Author Branding (authors, both in the US and abroad).

Good, consistently branding delivers a solid foundation for distinguishing your book in the very competitive marketplace. Also, a cohesive approach assures your image stays consistent across all your media outlets.

We Customized:

  • Your e-Mail Signature,
  • Online Presence/Social Media strategy, setup and coaching (Facebook book page, Twitter, Goodreads Page, blog, and Linkedin)
  • Printed materials (Author Cards, Business cards, postcards, Thank You cards).
  • We can design a Personal Website that links to online bookstores selling your book, making you and your books easier for readers to identify.
  • Customized Facebook Fan page, Twitter Page, Goodreads Page, Personalized website, Amazon Author Page,

Connect With Readers

A custom-made book cover design that fits your budget.

We know how important your book is to you; each story is different and communication is key. That’s why we create one-of-a-kind book cover in uniqueness to complement the story inside, while considering your carefully planned budget.